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Guangxi Homystar Fruit Industry is a modern enterprise integrating fruit planting, fruit processing, fruit export, agricultural technology, cold chain logistics and Fresh-keeping, and global import and export. Homystar Fruit Industry has several orchard bases, distributed in Guangxi, Hainan, Shaanxi province etc. With total planting area of more than 8 millions square meters, mainly concentrating on high-quality fruits such as Mandrin orange, Emperor Orange, Dragon fruit, Mango, Cantaloupe, Red Fuji Apple, Green Grape, Snow pear. Homystar Fruit Industry has international most advanced level fruit screening line and modern fruit processing center. The products exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe markets etc., served more than 20 countries, Homystar become the customer preferred high quality and competitive price of fruit suppliers, and the products are favored by customers and consumers.

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About Homystar

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Homystar adheres to the planting concept of "organic agriculture, circular agriculture", combines planting with the ecological environment, adopts international advanced planting concepts, and takes precision agriculture as the goal. Implements the integrated operation of water and fertilizer in the base, uses organic fertilizer, creates high-quality fruit, and is committed to becoming the fruit supply chain solution expert.

Homystar has introduced fruit screening production line with international advanced level. Through mechanization, it can reach assembly line cleaning, customized screening, pasting and packaging operations etc. Every day It can screen 500,000 kilograms of fruits to meet the demand of customers in large batch. Homystar Fruit Industry is affiliated to Guangxi Homystar Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. The company has professional and international enterprise management system an elite team. Relying on high-quality fruit products and an all-round network sales system, the company lays out global development based in China . Our fruit products have won good customer reputation in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe markets etc.

Looking forward to the future, Homystar will adhere to the market-oriented, continuously improve the construction of the whole industry supply chain and brand system, and Committed to becoming an influential modern technology enterprise.


About Homystar



The brand meaning of Homystar:
"Ho" is abbreviation of Chinese "hong";
"Hong" refers to realize one's ambition;
"my" is abbreviation of Chinese "Mai,"Mai" refers to move forward;
"star" is abbreviation of Chinese "Xing" , "Xing" refers to the bright future;
"Homystar": based on China, stride forward, and let China’s good fruit go to the world!

Enterprise Mission

Let China's good fruit go to the world! 

Enterprise Vision

Expert in fruit supply chain solutions.

Cultural Concept

Ecology, Technology, Health.

Cultural Slogan

Concentrating on high-quality fruits.

About Homystar