Fresh Citrus Fruit Emperor Orange – Sweet, Refreshing & Thin Skin

Emperor orange is a natural hybrid of orange and Citrus Fruit, so it combined the double advantages of orange appearance and citrus tender meat, easy peeling! The fragrance of Emperor orange is sweet and refreshing, which can be effectively Cancer prevention and  anti-cancer .It is Rich in various nutrients necessary for the human body, such as vitamin C, natural fructose and fruit acid, and has a high content of amino acids.  Regularly eating fresh Emperor Orange is good for health.

The Emperor orange came from Gold planting area: 23 degrees north latitude;  The

geographical advantages are sunshine and sufficient moisture, favorable terrain to avoid

pollution and pests. We are organic farming, No pesticides, no fertilizers, no pollution, so we

breed the natural and delicious emperor orange.

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Thin skin and thick flesh


Sweet and juicy


Delicate flesh and healthy


Fruity and delightful

Product Name : Emperor Citrus or Emperor Orange

Country of Origin: Guangxi ,China

Specification: 5KG / carton ,10KG / carton

Storage method: Cool and dry place

About Emperor orange

The planting of emperor orange has a long history, and in China feudal times the emperor orange are as a tribute to the palace, only the royal can enjoy the emperor orange, so the emperor orange also “gong orange”. During September and October, when the heat is not retreated, the emperor orange of fragrant and sweet is good fruit for people to quench their thirst. At this time the sweetness is not very high, its water is enough. If the sweetness is too high, it can not reach the purpose of quenching thirst.  Emperor orange tastes like an orange, crisp pulp, refreshing slag, and it can be peeled like citrus and eat it simply. So the emperor orange is the fruit of perfectionism.

Guangxi Homystar Fruit Industry is agricultural products supplier in China. We export high-quality fruits like Mandrin orangeEmperor Orange, Pitaya, Mango, Cantaloup, apple, etc., from China to the world. We are committed to be a fruit supply chain expert. We also planted the Emperor Orange and cooperated with 5 base of Emperor Orange to reach 1 million square meters planting area in Wuming county, Guangxi province. . Now we had whole supply chain for Emperor Orange fruits from planting to cold chain transportation. During the seasons, It can supply up to 150,000 kilograms of Cantaloup fruits per day to meet the demand of customers in large batch.

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1.Promote the purge  The dietary fiber content of emperor orange is quite high, eating more can promote defecation.

2.Lower cholesterol  Rich dietary fiber is not only conducive to gastrointestinal peristalsis, at the same time, the use of pectin in the Emperor orange can reduce the incidence of cholesterol.

3. beauty  Emperor orange has the effect of beauty, because the vitamin C content of emperor orange is the highest, eat more can not only keep the skin tender, but also help to inhibit the formation of melanin.

4. Eliminate fatigue  The content of citric acid in emperor orange is very high, and citric acid not only has appetizing effect, but also has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

5.Cardiovascular protection  Emperor Hesperidin can strengthen the toughness of capillaries, lower blood pressure, dilate the coronary arteries of the heart, so emperor Hesperidin is the food to prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, research has confirmed that eating Emperor Hesperidin can reduce the cholesterol deposition in the arterial blood vessels, help to reverse atherosclerosis.

6.Cancer prevention and anti-cancer Chinese medicine believes that the emperor orange with moistening lung, cough, phlegm, spleen, qi, thirst.  Especially the elderly, acute and chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular disease patients, is the best fruit to eat.


Ecological Orchard


The geographical advantages of sunshine and sufficient moisture, favorable terrain to avoid pollution and pests


No pesticides, no fertilizers, no pollution, natural and delicious


The average annual sunshine time is up to 30,000 hours


Layer-by-layer screening, careful selection

Quality Fresh Process

Fresh fruit from Farm to your hand, fresh delicious taste

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Large-scale planting and

united orchard management

Digital and Intelligent planting

Fresh picking and Initial

manual screening

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Automatic screening and

double inspection

Fine packaging

Cold chain transport

Different ripening stages and fruit sizes

Green emperor Citrus

Green and yellow emperor Citrus

Yellow emperor Citrus


End of Oct. and Early Nov.

Mid to late November

End of Nov. and Early Dec.

Small size

Medium size

Big size


Above 10 pcs /500g

Around 7 pcs /500g

Around 4 pcs /500g

Adequate inventory and guaranteed supply

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Automatic and manual screening, quality assurance

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Varieties of scenes, sweet taste ,always lust

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Emperor orange is also very nutritious. Rich in vitamins, protein and coarse fiber, it can help digestion. Like orange peel, citrus peel can be used to soak in water to help nourish the stomach. The peel of the emperor orange is harder to peel than other type cirtus, but it is much easier to peel than an orange. The way you peel an apple, you peel it in a circle, so it's quick and smooth.

The emperor orange is a natural hybrid of oranges and tangerines, you can taste both oranges and tangerines at the same time. It is fleshy like an orange, fragrant and sweet like an orange. The flesh of the emperor orange is amber, as translucent and smooth as jelly. Take a bite, the flesh is crisp and tender, sweet and sweet, not sour at all. The inner membrane that wraps the flesh is also very thin, and the whole emperor orange is refreshing and slag-free when chewed.Above all, emperor oranges are not as high in sugar as oranges. Sitting together in a family and eating citrus is the little life we enjoy in a dry winter.

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    Style Fresh
    Product Type Emperor orange
    Type Orange
    Color Golden
    Certification ISO 9001 ,ISO 22000, SGS
    Grade A+
    Maturity 95%
    Size (cm) 55/60/65/70/75/80
    Place of Origin China
    Brand Name Homystar
    Model Number E201
    Supply Period From Oct. until Feb.
    MOQ 24 TON
    Packing plastic boxes or cartons
    Delivery time 10 days
    Delivary EXW-FOB-CIF-CFR
    Storage up to 1 months at (2.22-3.89 C)
    Packing for 40’ RH 4Kg Carton      6200 Cartons / 40’RH8Kg Carton      3200 Cartons / 40’RH

    10Kg carton      2600 Cartons / 40’RH

    15Kg carton     1750 Cartons / 40’RH

    Or packing as customers’ requirement..