Fresh Shine Muscat Green Grape – Sweet, Juicy, Crisp & Rose-Scented

Fresh Shine muscat green grape is crisp and juicy, sweet and delicious, also without astringency. It is excellent food quality with combination of rose and milk fragrance. The high quality of sunshine rose grape taste very sweet with thin seedless skin and its skin can be eaten straight away.

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Fresh Shine muscat green grape is rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin P, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and a variety of amino acids required by the human body. Especially glucose, inorganic salt, vitamin B12. Often eating can play a good brain, help to treat and alleviate neurasthenia, which also can effectively improve the quality of sleep. Meanwhile, Grape wine are Low-alcohol drink, contains more than ten kinds of amino acids and rich vitamin B12 and vitamin P, more sweet, warm, color beauty, good "drunk", easy to wake up, nourishing and other characteristics, often drinking small amount relax the muscles and stimulate the blood circulation, appetizer spleen, digestion, refreshing and other effects.

The Shine muscat green grape came from gold farming area: 23 degrees north latitude; Inside this area, it had Sufficient light and heat ,good sunshine and abundant rainfall. The longer the sun shines on the grapes, the better for photosynthesis, which increases nutrition and sweetness. The PH of soil ranges from 5.8 to 7.8. Thick soil can store a lot of water to meet the requirements of grape water. The PH of soil can balance soil fertilizer and provide balanced nutrients for grapes. We planted the Shine muscat green grape with natural organic fertilizer, no pollution mountain spring nourishing which breed the sweet and delicious green grape.

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The Shine muscat green grape is a variety introduced from Japan, originating in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It is known as "Hermes of grapes" and "Maotai wine of grapes" due to its delicateTaste and rich fruit and high price.

The Shine muscat green grape were introduced in China in 2010 and have been widely planted in many places, but they have not been widely seen until around 2015. Over theyears, The Shine muscat green grape have proved to be easier to grow and more productive than coarse giant peaks, making them more suitable for long-distance sales. The Shine muscat green grape also have a unique ability that no other grape can compete with. When fully ripe, they can still hang on the tree for more than a month without cracking or falling off the fruit giving farmers an extremely easy time to sell.

Guangxi Homystar Fruit Industry is agricultural products exporter in China. We export high quality fruits like Mandrin orange,Emperor Orange, Dragon fruit, Mango, Cantaloupe, apple, greengrape etc., from China to the world. We are committed to be a fruit supply chain expert. We also expand the plating scale and cooperated with 6 base of shine muscat green grape to reach 1 million square meters planting area in Guangxi province. Now we had whole supply chain for shine muscat green grape fruits from planting to cold chain transportation. During the seasons, It can supply up to 200,000 kilograms of shine muscat green grape fruits per day to meet the demand of customers in large batch.



1. Disease resistance and bacteria
The Shine muscat green grape contains natural polyphenol, which can be combined with proteins in viruses or bacteria to lose the ability to infect diseases. The Shine muscat green grape is especially effective in killing hepatitis virus and poliovirus.

2. Cancer prevention and anti-cancer
The Shine muscat green grape contains a chemical substance called resveratrol, can prevent normal cell cancer, and can inhibit the proliferation of malignant cells, so The Shine muscat green grape has strong anti-cancer and anti-cancer function; But as a responsible encyclopaedic, resveratrol is more in its skin.

3. Anti-anemia
The Shine muscat green grape contains vitamin B12, which can fight pernicious anemia, especially red wine made from fermented green grape with skin, which contains about 12-15 mg of vitamin B12 per liter. Accordingly, often drink claret, be beneficial to cure pernicious anaemia, anaemia or Gas hemopenia.

4. Reduce gastric acid and gallbladder
Modern pharmacological studies have proved that Shine muscat green grape also contains vitamin P, with green raisin seed oil 15 grams oral can reduce gastric acid toxicity, 12 grams oral can achieve the effect of gallbladder, so Shine muscat green grape can treat gastritis, enteritis and vomiting.

5. Anti-atherosclerosis
Wine was found to increase plasma HDL levels while decreasing LDL levels. Low density lipoprotein can cause atherosclerosis, and high density lipoprotein not only does not cause atherosclerosis, but also has the effect of anti-atherosclerosis. Therefore, eating Shine muscat green grape often can reduce the death caused by coronary heart disease. At the same time, green raisin has a high content of potassium, which can help the body accumulate calcium, promote kidney function and regulate the number of heart beats.

6. Tonic and exciting brain nerve
Shine muscat green grape fruit, is rich in glucose, organic acids, amino acids, vitamin content, which can be beneficial and exciting brain nerve. Meanwhile it has a certain effect on the treatment of neurasthenia and eliminate excessive fatigue.






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Shine muscat green grape



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ISO 9001 ,ISO 22000, SGS





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24MM- 28MM

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From aug. until Dec.


24 TON


plastic boxes or cartons

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10 days




up to 30 days at (1.0 °C)


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